Healing Power of Pictures

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a few more could easily fill a book! Of course it would depend on the book’s word count, and I’m not sure what the word count would be in this “picture” book gallery created for you. I just know from some blog followers that color alone is healing! So, if that’s true, then a few words and images added to the pictures can be even more healing.

Whatever it is that you choose to soothe; a bad day, a serious illness, or even just a sad thought, look at the picture gallery and choose a few that can help you get through whatever it is!

Well, okay I’ve got to add more random words help from my blog site theme, Before Sundown, remember what made you smile. There’s even more on the blog site’s Welcome Page, and The Sun also Rises and Sets Gallery. A visit there anytime can only add to the Healing Power of Pictures to soothe that whatever it is!

About C.E.Robinson

I'm a retired nurse practitioner as of 2013, and a full time novel writer since then. I added blogger in 2014 and started the blog site Before Sundown remember what made you smile. From the beginning, I was overjoyed that Before Sundown was honored with awards, and blog tours. It kept me connected to dedicated worldwide followers, and I'm grateful for their likes, comments and reblogs of my posts. I write posts to support fellow bloggers, friends and family--their books, interests, professions and travels. Overtime, I've added excerpts from WIPs as a co-author, and a final version (2020) of the first three pages of my book, Sunset Inn - secrets come back again. Next, on to publishing. The collections of sunsets/sunrises on the Welcome page came from blogger friends all over the world. I wanted visitors to remember what made them smile Before Sundown. What better way than to offer them breathtaking sunsets or sunrises? http://cerobinsonauthor.com
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21 Responses to Healing Power of Pictures

  1. A great collection of feel good pics. There are quite a few that I wish I could step into.

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  2. Jodi says:

    beautiful! smiles and peace!

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  3. Sammy D. says:

    The grin just keeps getting wider. Thanks for the warm glows.


  4. gpcox says:

    You said quite a few thousands words here today!

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  5. Ralph says:

    I know the cat purrs work Christine. A lovely post ! ❤

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  6. So true about color. We need that here lately…way too much white ! And I agree with Elton John about the power of music. You have assembled, as usual, a lovely collection here, Christine. Thank You. Smiles to you. ☺ Van

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    • C.E.Robinson says:

      Van, thanks so much for your visit and comment. And the smiles! I thought of all different scenarios while creating the photo gallery. One was having a sort of bad day because of “snowy” weather in many parts of the world! Beautiful color white, but…Christine

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  7. Wonderful pictures Christine full of motivation and inspiration.. lovely

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  8. This is beautiful, Christine! I agree with the ones about music – it does have healing power! I play upbeat songs and it helps lift my spirits in times I need it 🙂

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  9. megdekorne says:

    Beautiful post Sweet Christine … Thank you for always sharing your touching heart in how you see the world ..love megxxx


  10. Sartenada says:

    Wonderful photos and great post. I have noticed that music is the thing to me.

    Happy weekend.

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  11. C.E.Robinson says:

    Thank you for finding this years ago post, and for making a comment. I have to agree, music is healing for me too. 🎼Christine


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