Friends and Family Gallery


9 Responses to Friends and Family Gallery

  1. megdekorne says:

    Wonderful photos ….wonder-filled life you must have !


  2. Thank you Meg! Even though we’re scattered geographically in all directions, photos keep me connected to family and friends. Photos on your blog site are pretty awesome. Are you still in Bulgaria?


  3. sheldonk2014 says:

    It’s great to see what is behind the scenes,of different worlds, I just came to visit, to say hello,to say thanks
    See you soon Sheldon

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  4. Christine, this is such a lovely collection of *energetic* photos. Love it! Hugs. ❤ 😀

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  5. I am playing catch up today, as I can see what I am doing sort of. You certainly have been getting the most out of this blog platform–you have so many different pages with different things going on. I used to do some of these same things only on three different blog platforms, each separate from the other, but I burned out. My previous cat blog was also deleted, and I began it anew on WP.. I got paranoid as well–as if everyone really wants to steal MY identity! Anyway, enough of me, you have a lot going on here–an interesting site by an interesting person!

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    • C.E.Robinson says:

      Greg, thanks so much for your visit and kind comment. So glad you like the variety of topics! I know it’s time consuming to keep up with blogging. I’ve slowed down to spend time writing! I enjoy your posts, and your cat stories! 💛 Elizabeth

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      • I like this page so much I came back. I often wish I could “come out” photographically speaking, I could make a great photo montage, but I cannot jeopardize my Clark Kent persona.


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