Audrey Loves NYC Even More

Here’s a few more of Audrey’s comments about NYC. Yes, she loves it even more! Every day she has dance classes that start about 8:30 AM and go until 4 or 5:30 PM, depending on the day. She dances six hours everyday except on weekends. With Saturday and Sunday off, she and her new Joffrey Ballet trainee friends try to find new and exciting places to explore in the City.

Audrey’s loving her roommates and all the people she’s met. Her best friends are from different countries so it’s really interesting for her to see all the different cultures come together. Here’s a latest photograph of the four friends hamming it up after a hard days work, and one photo of them relaxing in the park. Monica is from Portugal, Audrey is from the US, Winnie is from Thailand, and Meg is from Australia.

English is not the first language for about half of her  dance class. She says, “It’s amazing that people come from all over the world for this program.” Of course we’ll all be excited to hear more about Audrey and friends adventures in NYC in the weeks to come. And also to hear about what other languages she’s trying to learn.  So, stay tuned!

Audrey has seen and heard about some notable people that have been around the Joffrey Ballet Studios for one unknown reason or another. Audrey was excited to see the famous choreographer Adam Shankman at Joffrey the other day. Choreographer Shankman is very famous and the photos  of him prove it. No wonder Audrey was excited to see him!


I Don't Know How She Does It - UK Photocall

Of special note, apparently Sarah Jessica Parker was doing some sort of filming at the Joffrey Studios last week as well. Everyone knows lovely Sarah Jessica Parker and here she is in a photo.



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2 Responses to Audrey Loves NYC Even More

  1. volcanowoman says:

    Wow! How exciting to get another update on the life of Audrey and her friends. Fascinating that they come from all over the world. What a learning opportunity. And to see the legendary Adam Shankman—over the top!!! I really look forward to seeing where Audrey’s adventure goes—I think the sky is the limit!!!!


    • Thanks so much for your continued support, reading and commenting on the blog posts. I join you in the excitement of following Audrey’s adventures at Joffrey Ballet and NYC. What a life of learning and fun she has in NYC!


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