Three Years of Her Life

Three Years of Her Life is a debut historical fiction book. The main character, Elizabeth and her beloved Erik uncover Grandfather Gustav’s hidden secret in a German synagogue. A mystery woman’s photo, in his gold pocket watch that he carries for 30 years, is now known. It causes a ruckus in Elizabeth’s prejudiced family. A strong secondary story balances the history with an Erik and Elizabeth, doctor/nurse romance. And Elizabeth’s entanglement with her guitar teacher. A dangerous mission close to the end, brings the story together. Erik risks his life transporting East Berlin hospital patients to the West through the Berlin Wall in August 1961. The very end makes Elizabeth and me smile.

Ideas for the story come from Grandfather Gustav F. Heim’s last words before he dies in 1933.

No one is to look into my past. That history dies with me

Cousins remark that Grandfather is adopted. And no one knows much about him except he’s a soloist trumpeter in NYC, Boston and Detroit orchestras. His personal life, from my imagination, goes from his 1879 birth in Germany, to a strong Ukraine connection and the 1881 pogrom (violence by Russian authorities against Jewish people). Then, his emigration to the United States in 1903, and his life with a second wife, Grandmother Edna.

The book is available on Amazon: Kindle ebook and paperback:


About C.E.Robinson

Christine Elizabeth Robinson, a former nurse practitioner ventures into the world of fiction to write books. Published in May 2022, THREE YEARS OF HER LIFE, a historical fiction, comes from her love of researching family history. A background as a published poet, experience in writing fiction, non-fiction and screenplays, is an advantage in her writing career. Christine lives in Southern California. A sequel to the debut book, BEYOND THREE YEARS OF HER LIFE, in progress, will be available in 2023. The plot explodes and the characters evolve, moving forward. Even their victories create conflict and consequences.
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14 Responses to Three Years of Her Life

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Congratulations on completing the book, Christine. I am looking forward to reading this. It sounds intriguing.


  2. Timothy Price says:

    My copy will be here on Thursday! Hooray! Congratulations, Christine. I really looking forward to reading it.

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    • C.E.Robinson says:

      Tim, Thank you so much for supporting me and my debut book. It’s long, but important to get the whole story of my life, grandfather’s life, and my alternate life (the romance and music career story). We just have to hav fun & adventure in writing. 📚 Christine

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  3. Congrats and good luck, Christine. Sharing.

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  5. Congratulations, Christine. I did see my copy arrive on my kindle.

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  6. Many many congrats, Christine. What a moment! I look forward to the read and wish you much success. Enjoy the glow!

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    • C.E.Robinson says:

      Thank you so much, Diana. It seems unbelievable that it’s published for real. I’m over the moon happy. So glad you are looking forward to the read. Your thoughts, advice as a successful author will be welcomed. 📚🎶 Christine

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  7. Resa says:

    Congratulations, Christine!
    This is a timely release. The world needs as many reminders as possible.
    I have a pile on my reading table, so it will be a bit until I can get to it. Also, I have been boycotting Amazon for 6 ears now.
    Will you be offering it on KOBO. I’ve been buying my ebooks on this platform.
    Again, CONGRATS!!!! 💥💐🤩🌸

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    • C.E.Robinson says:

      Thank you so much, Resa. I never heard of KOBO. Self-publishing with KDP is my first attempt. Sorry it’s not on KOBO. If you want to read it at some point, email me and I can send you the finished Word doc manuscript that I uploaded. Just like the paperback format. I’d love for you to read it. There’s 50s music, a rock band, history & romance. 📚🎶 Christine


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