Emily Loves WSU and DG Sorority

Hello from all of us at Delta Gamma Sorority at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington! We held our annual philanthropy event, Anchor Splash, November 11-13.  And our team Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) ended up winning the whole philanthropy! We’d like to thank all of those who participated in our major fundraiser Anchor Splash to benefit the Delta Gamma Foundation.

TKE Winning Team


The Family Connection: Emily Loves WSU and Sister Audrey Loves NYC

Emily & Audrey

Emily and Audrey



Beta Omega chapter of Delta Gamma Washington State University Anchor Splash 2014

What is Anchor Splash? Anchor Splash is a three day philanthropy event that begins with each team coming over to our Delta Gamma chapter house and presenting some type of skit or serenade. The next night is Anchor Games, which are a series of relay races in the pool, topped off with a team synchronized swim, which never disappoints. The final night of Anchor Splash is our Anchor Man competition. Each team has a participant in this male talent show that always delivers great entertainment. Anchor Splash is one of the biggest philanthropies on campus and we look forward to it each year. Our VISION is to greatly impact the lives of those in society who are blind or visually impaired. We have also been looking forward to benefiting our members through life enriching educational opportunities, as well as, merit and need based scholarships and fellowships. Since 1936, our national philanthropy has been Service for Sight. Delta Gammas across the nation fundraise and volunteer their time (approximately 120,000 hours per year) to assist those who are blind or visually impaired. Four schools for children without sight have been begun by Delta Gammas and still exist to this day.  Donations from our fundraising events also assist in the area of Grants to organizations which share our mission Service for Sight.  We are making a difference!

We Welcome Donations: Please accept our gratitude and thank you for those participants that donated to this worthy cause. The Delta Gamma Foundation is, by law, a 501C3 entity and a gift is tax deductible.  The Delta Gamma Foundation also accepts matching gifts for tax deductible contributions.

For more information, please visit www.wsuanchorsplash.com

The information text came from the Delta Gamma Foundation Website: http://www.memberplanet.com/campaign/deltagammafoundation/beta_omega_anchor_splash_2014/

Thank you and together we will “Do Good.”

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