Head in the Clouds

I’ve got my head in the clouds today. It’s not exactly flighty, flyaway, frivolous, or scatterbrained. It’s more like daydreaming, a wishful creation of the imagination.

Over the weekend, I read blog posts of followers that were personable and imaginative. One in particular caught my eye. A young blogger had 51 comments on her blog post The Feng Shui of Creativity, a love of books and bookcases.  A Tweet this morning was about a well-known author who just can’t read whimsical fantasy. He’s never gotten through a Tolkien, and he hates elves.  My answer, “I like whimsical fantasy –erratic behavior or unpredictable change. I like Frodo! Tolkien was good for the right brain!” Got a Tweet back from @FrodoBaggins 1, “I like me, too.”  I believe I’ve stepped into the realm of personable, imaginative, and whimsical, unpredictable change, which is good for the right brain.

I’m impressed to the point of creating an entirely different blog post, one filled with imagination. I’m just a beginner at this new twist, so I thought of something simple and accessible like clouds in the sky. I take pictures of clouds at random. When I look at clouds, I see imaginary things. I don’t think I’m alone in this, and wonder if I have any followers?



One photo in this gallery has more than just ordinary clouds in it. Its proof, my head’s in the creative, imaginary clouds. In the book I’m writing, I really see a fairy tale life end with a magical castle, and everyone lives Happily Ever After.


About C.E.Robinson

Christine retired as a nurse practitioner in 2013 and became a writer, copyeditor, co-author and blogger. She has been in California 30 plus years. She came from the east coast and lived in the northwest. In-between, there were moves to Europe and Asia in the 70s and 80s. She's living the good life in the SoCal sunshine with Robert and doggies, Sammy and Charley. http://cerobinsonauthor.com
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2 Responses to Head in the Clouds

  1. megdekorne says:

    Wow Christine … I love this post ! …and the fantasy you describe ! I have a screenplay called ” Clouds ” …more we have in common !…please continue with your magical writings !


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