WELCOME TO MY PAGEThank you for stopping by. Your visit means a lot to me. You are all people as a bright as the moon…and your hearts shine with the light of a million heavenly stars.

You’ll find chapters of books, write ups of featured friends, photo galleries, and a little bit of everything else that makes me smile. untitled CHRISTINE


If you’re  curious to read further, click the About Me on the black bar under the  ocean sunset.  A whimsical fairyland and magical fairy dust there might make you smile.

About the new Sunrise and Sunset Gallery. The name change is because I want everyone to be happy.  Metaphorically, the sun rises for some writers and visitors, and the sun sets for others.  As you can see I’ve borrowed many worldly sunrises and sunsets, and  I’d love to have more.

If you’d like  me to showcase your personal favorite sunrise or sunset in the gallery, let know in a comment at the bottom of this page.

Enjoy The Sun also Rises and Sets  Gallery!



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  1. Sorry Christine I thought that I had sent you the link to the Tour through Blogland.. apologies – it went up this morning.. https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/2015/01/26/a-tour-through-blogland-award-and-synergy-in-our-blogging-community/

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    • No worries, Sally! I found it right away viewing emails! My comment is already there on your site. Again, a very generous write-up and impressive nominees. Your writing process is natural and giving…so like how I see you as a person in our blogger friend community. Christine


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