Artist Friend Joyce Eide

In the late 1970s, I met artist Joyce Eide in the town of Lindos, located in the south-east of Rhodes Island. Lindos was famous for its white cubist houses packed tightly around winding cobblestone streets, and for its community of artists. I loved Joyce’s art work and we continued contact while we both lived in Greece, and then in California.  But we lost touch for many years. Luckily, I found Joyce on a Google search through Part of that write up is in this blog post. I’ve also posted a few of my favorite paintings, personal photos of the masks, colorful fused glass jewelry and a rich orange fused glass plate. Visit Joyce Eide to read her full resume and click on available art work at the end.

A few months ago in June, 2014 while on a ten day vacation in Kirkland, WA, I called Joyce to rekindle our friendship.  She was receptive to a visit and my son Jeff and I drove to her gallery home on Vashon Island, a short ferry boat ride from West Seattle. It seemed only yesterday that we had spent time together. That’s how it is with true lifelong friends! Granted we were both much older now, and Joyce, due to health problems, hasn’t been able to continue with her art work. Still the large gallery room was bright with natural light that showed every beautiful detail of her paintings, masks, ceramic pieces, fused glass jewelry and fused glass plates. It was a color burst of emotion and thought. And such a joy to spend time again with a dear friend!



I live on a small island in a large historical building, a former general store and post office built in 1910. A remodel of this building has produced a studio and gallery, now christened “The Old Dockton Store Gallery” where current works of mine and local artists are on display.

Artist Statement

The primary force of my professional life has been exploring new pathways in communicating experience through a wide variety of art forms, including children’s books, posters, packages, record album covers, illustrations for national magazines, and animation film backgrounds.

Reaction to my work has convinced me that spiritual longing, emotion and thought shaped and compressed into form evokes a universal response. My recent work in creating masks has the goal of creating symbols of the commonality of the human spirit, and the oneness of the human beings with the natural world.

A Favorite Framed Image – The Young, the Older and Purple Flowers




About C.E.Robinson

After years working in healthcare, I retired as a nurse practitioner to be a full time writer, co-author, and blogger. From the blog’s beginning in 2014, Before Sundown has been honored with awards, and blog tours. I’m ever grateful, and appreciative of dedicated worldwide followers who like, comment, share and tweet posts. I started the blog to connect with other bloggers, and in a way to learn more about writing. I also wanted to support other bloggers, friends and family by writing blog posts about them, their books, interests, professions and travels. The collections of sunsets/sunrises on the Welcome page came from bloggers all over the world. I wanted visitors to remember what made you smile Before Sundown. What better way then to offer breathtaking sunsets or sunrises? A monthly featured sunset continues.
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6 Responses to Artist Friend Joyce Eide

  1. megdekorne says:

    Oh my ! What a fascinating artist … Beautiful , especially ” the young , the older with purple flower ” ..thank you Christine for this awesome introduction … Inspiring ! Xx


  2. Melissa Elliott says:

    I have lost track of Joyce Eide also. I knew her when she lived in La Jolla Ca. and was an occational member of a drawing group in our back yard. She left some of her drawings and work with me. I just came accross a group of sketches of hers and would like to renew to renew a friendship with her. My name is Melissa Smith Elliott . I still live in the same place. Please forward her our email at I thank you for blog about Joyce!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • C.E.Robinson says:

      Melissa, how wonderful that you found out about Joyce Eide on my blog site. Yes, I will forward your e-mail to her. I did visit her a few years ago and she does have a full gallery of her beautiful works, including masks and jewelry. Thanks so much for your visit and comment. Elizabeth


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Christine, a dear friend, artist Vivian Blackstone, is working on a showing of Joyce Eide’s work but has lost contact with her since her gallery on Vashon Island is no longer there. Would it be possible for you to connect us? Please give her my email if you would be so kind.

    Liked by 1 person

    • C.E.Robinson says:

      Thank you so much Elizabeth for your visit and comment. Happy that you found Joyce Eide’s blog post on Before Sundown. I have sent Joyce your e-mail, and that you and Vivian are working on a showing of her art works. I’ve not yet received a response that she received it. It may not be a working e-mail. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear word from her. I’ll send you an e-mail so you have have my contact information. 💛 Christine


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